Time magazine has nominated Sandra Fluke as a possible “Person of the Year 2012.”

The solipsistic Ms. Fluke is the free birth control advocate who became a star of the Obama campaign—or, as the Daily Caller felicitously puts it, “the new face of birth control.”

According to the DC, Ms. Fluke is among 40 nominees. The list includes President Obama, who was 2008 Person of the Year, defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney, both Clintons, Bill and Hillary, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Egypt's bad boy President Mohamed Morsi.

In many ways, Ms. Fluke is the ideal choice for POTY for 2012: she wanted something for free and demanded that the government force somebody else to give it to her, even if doing so is a blatant violation of our tradition of religious freedom.

The annual honor from Time has become somewhat silly. Indeed, one year I won. Time’s POTY last year was “the protestor,” described in a pretentious essay that glorified Occupy Wall Street and other protesters by former New York magazine editor Kurt Andersen.

Time editors will make the final decision, but you can vote—hurry, voting closes Dec. 12. The magazine will announce its decision two days later.