I chuckled at your post this morning, Sabrina. Years ago, we received a used kitchen set from a friend whose daughter had outgrown it. My boys loved…destroying it. Despite my many attempts to explain that the kitchen (a little oven with a stovetop and microwave) should be used to make food, my boys preferred to take it apart, removing the doors, the oven coils, the shelves inside the oven. They would reattach everything–figuring out how it fit together.  Eventually, they asked that it be brought outside so that it could be used as a satellite sand box (they already had one quite large sandbox but wanted to fill the poor kitchen with sand).  Soon the kitchen no longer looked like a child's toy kitchen but resembled a strange modern sculpture covered in sand, dirt, leaves and small toy cars and figurines.

Eventually, we spirited the poor tortured kitchen to the trash and the boys never asked where it had gone.