You cannot be pro-human rights if you’re conservative, according to an Amnesty International chapter.

According to the editorial staff at Red Alert Politics:

The University of Buffalo (UB) chapter of Amnesty International refused to allow a pro-life student organization to participate in an annual Human Rights Day Celebration on Tuesday citing the organization’s longstanding “pro-choice… stance.”

This of course, would make sense if the event had anything to do with abortion. But instead, Student’s for Life wanted to stand with Amnesty International against the plight of political prisoners.

Arguably, one can be prolife or prochoice because of her human rights beliefs. It is offensive and childish for an organization to refuse to allow people to join their cause because of different views on political matters or other issues. 

Amnesty International should be embarrassed, offended, and address the chapter directly. The human rights movement should be a unifying force.  All of us, regardless of political affiliation or our position on abortion, should be working together to eliminate such injustice.