Charting a New Path Forward


Voting for Obama by a solid 11 point margin, women followed their faith in government security. How to show them the strengths of free market prosperity?

The Independent Women's Forum invites you to join us for an all star panel to discuss how to better explain how limited government and economic liberty benefit women and set a winning agenda for the next four years — and beyond.

Date: January 16 ** Wine & Cheese Reception 5:30 ** Panel Begins 6:00pm

Location: 1706 New Hampshire Avenue NW ** Second Floor

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Christina Hoff Sommers | Author and Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute


Sabrina Schaeffer | Executive Director, Independent Women's Forum & Co-Author of Liberty Is No War on Women

Veronique de Rugy | Senior Research Fellow at Mercatus Center and expert on taxation and budget issues

Karlyn Bowman | Senior Fellow and public opinion and polling analyst at the American Enterprise Institute

Mollie Hemingway | Editor at and media critic at


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