By Daniel Halper

A women's group earlier today released a statement with the following headline, "More Women in Senate Likely Result Higher Taxes, Bigger Govt, Less Freedom." The group making the claim is the Independent Women's Forum.

The group says, "Policy More Important Than Gender Based Stereotypes."

"Women and men are different, approach problems differently, and bring different talents to the table. Still, I’m far less concerned with increasing the number of women in power than in increasing the number of lawmakers – men and women – who believe in economic liberty and understand how progressive policies fail women and their families," says Independent Women's Forum executive director Sabrina Schaeffer in a statement.

"While a lot is being made about the record number of women joining the Senate, the reality is the majority of these women are Democrats – 16 of the 20 – and as a result we are likely to see higher taxes, bigger government, and less freedom."

Schaeffer continues:

What’s especially interesting is that in 2010 – the “Year of the Republican Woman” when 145 Republican women ran for offices in the Senate and the House – there was very little talk about how women shattered the glass ceiling or about what kind of difference more women would have on negotiations, compromise, and legislating on Capitol Hill.

These women are to be congratulated for their accomplishments; but in the end one’s political values are far more important than one’s gender.