A conservative columnist says it's hypocritical that while calling for equality in the workplace and an end to the so-called "wage gap," President Obama continues to have a team of male advisors.

It was widely reported in 2012 that the Obama White House paid female staffers 18 percent less than their male counterparts the previous year. Now, The Washington Free Beacon reports that the White House's Flickr account shows a photo of the president and his top advisers — all of them male.

Charlotte Hays, director of cultural programs for the Independent Women's Forum(IWF), deems that "absolutely hypocritical."

"This is an administration that believes in quotas for everything and professes to be … the great protector of women," she poses. "And here you see this photograph of the president's top advisors, and they haven't got a single woman."

When it comes to female staffers being paid less, Hays suggests the administration may be factoring in the choices some women make.

"There may be women who have taken time out to raise kids, who work part-time," she submits. "But if they're going to talk about the wage gap as something real, this really is hypocrisy. Even in the presidential campaign, where a big issue was the [alleged] war on women, they were paying women less than they were paying men — about $2,000 less a year."

Hays concludes that is about as honest and straightforward as "Al Gore selling his climate station to an oil producer."