by Alyssa Kleven

Advocates have been making their voices heard with the threat of new gun control measures limiting their freedom to own and use firearms. For women, the issue strikes a slightly different chord. As Vice President Joe Biden said he would deliver new policy proposals to President Barack Obama by Tuesday the Independent Woman's Forum spoke out.

Anna Rittgers, a woman with the forum is no stranger to conceal and carry laws. She toldSeattle's Morning News on Thursday she believes it's a slippery slope to restrict any firearms.

"As a woman, it's my responsibility to do whatever it takes to protect my family from danger," said Rittgers.

Rittgers is passionate about the second amendment, because she's passionate about protecting her family.

But Dave Ross wanted to know how she protects her family from her weapon when it's not in use.

While some people use trigger locks and keep ammo separate, she said that doesn't make sense to her.

"Personally, that defeats the purpose of having an accessible weapon."

She keeps hers in a small safe, but said there are so many options available.

For others, it may seem reasonable to limit how many rounds a person could carry in their weapon, or limiting different types of automatic weapons, but Rittger warned that won't work for everyone.

Her magazine clip holds 15 rounds, but she said the fire power behind it isn't as strong as other weapons, giving her more reason to carry more ammunition.

She cited an incident just outside of Atlanta, where a man broke into a house and wasshot five times in the neck and face by a protective mother.

The mom's gunfire didn't take out intruder, he made it to his car and started driving. Police found him after he crashed in a nearby wooded area and collapsed in a neighbor's driveway.

White House officials recognize it is unlikely groups like the NRA or the Independent Women's Forum will fully support the measures Obama is pushing.