by Paul Bedard

Pistol-packing women are demanding that the administration forget it's plan to ban high-capacity ammo magazines, claiming it robs them of their best weapon to fight off attackers: multiple shots.

The conservative Independent Women's Forum joined the battle Thursday said President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden's goal of limiting ammo clips to just 10 bullets "merely disarms the good guys."

Several women pundits who are familiar with guns or own pistols have gone on TV to argue that when under attack, nerves often undermine accurate shooting. Thus, more bullets are needed to ward off attackers.

In a statement, the Forum noted that a Georgia mother of two couldn't stop an attacker last week with five bullets shot from her .38.

"I am passionate about the 2nd Amendment, particularly because I'm a mother. I'm a thirty-something year old woman with a 3 year old and a nursing newborn. Without my concealed weapon, I wouldn't be able to protect myself against an assailant that seeks to do me or my family harm," said Independent Women's Forum senior fellow Anna Rittgers.

Her statement added: "It often takes several shots to stop one attacker. If the maximum magazine capacity is 10 (or if all semiautomatic handguns are banned, but 6 shot revolvers remain), and a woman in danger has to stop and reload her weapon while trying to protect her children (who are likely hysterical at this point), it gives the bad guy an opportunity to react–potentially fatally.

"Laws limiting magazine capacity and availability of semiautomatic handguns will directly impact women, who use these weapons for self-defense inside and outside the home. Any executive action by President Obama to restrict guns will limit a women's capability to fight back against attackers and protect herself and her family.

"The bottom line is that guns are used for lawful self-defense every day. Sadly, they also used for illegal violence every day. But enacting laws that further restrict or ban law-abiding citizens' access to firearms does nothing to address violent crime. It merely disarms the good guys."