by Ilana Glazer | Jan 17, 2013

Last week, Georgia republican Phil Gingrey's comments on 'legitimate rape' reignited the debate over the GOP's tumultuous relationship with females. There is no doubt that a serious disconnect exists, as women are over half the American population, yet voted for Barak Obama over Mitt Romney by a double-digit margin. Wednesday night, the Independent Women’s Forum had a panel discussion on how to better represent women within the Republican Caucus. Among the ideas bounced around were possibly having more women run on the GOP ticket, as well as having faces of the party be Laura Ingrahams, rather than Rush Limbaughs.

“We have some problematic allies,” Hoff Sommers [author and American Enterprise Institute fellow] said in her opening remarks. “Conservative leaders and funders, they don’t take women’s issues seriously.” 

“I’m not sure what’s worse: conservatives ignoring women’s issues, or conservatives addressing them,” she said as the audience laughed.