The media and politicians are creating a "culture of alarmism" about food, household products, the weather, even children's school supplies, which is enabling power-hungry regulators and policymakers to increasingly limit what's available to Americans while stripping away freedom. We need to be aware of how this culture of alarmism reduces our choices, hurts our economy, and ultimately makes our life less enjoyable. 

The Independent Women's Forum and America's Future Foundation on Wednesday, February 27th held a dynamic panel discussion on four different issue areas where alarmism is being employed by policy makers to push a regulatory agenda: obesity, chemical, agriculture, and environmental and energy.



Baylen Linnekin | Executive Director, Keep Food Legal
Angela Logomasini | Senior Fellow,CEI
Scott Drenkard | Economist, Tax Foundation 
Jillian Kay Melchior | National Review's Thomas L. Rhodes Fellow, Franklin Center


Julie Gunlock  | Director of the Culture of Alarmism Project, Independent Women’s Forum