Washington is supposed to be grappling with tough questions about how to trim back spending.  Yet some of these questions shouldn’t be tough.  Here’s a no-brainer cut that should be made immediately:  ending funding for missile systems that everyone agrees will never be put to use.

Citizens Against Government Waste provides a good 101 on the issue—the Medium Extended Air Defense System has been delayed by more than a decade, cost $2 billion more than it was supposed to, and the CBO has recommended eliminating the program. 

Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) summed it up nicely:  “We feel strongly that it’s a waste of money.”

Yet the continuing resolution under effect until the 27th including nearly $200 million more for MEADS.  This is appalling even by Washington standards.  Can’t we all agree not to zero out White House tours and instead stop funding useless military equipment?