Millions of electricity users in the Northeast and Midwest could be without heat or electricity during the next harsh winter, thanks to the regions’ poor planning and White House regulations.

New England’s electricity providers overreliance on natural gas and a supply pipeline that is too small to meet their demands have caused energy prices to spike, according to the testimony of New England’s grid operator, Gordon Van Welie, before the House Energy and Power subcommittee this week. 

Instead of diversifying electricity production through the use of clean, affordable coal, according to Van Welie, half of New England's electricity supply is made from natural gas, while over a third is made from nuclear energy.

When natural gas cannot keep up with energy demand, electricity prices spike. In fact, New England residents, businesses, and job creators have already paid 300 percent more for electricity in February compared to last year.

This winter’s price spikes hint that natural gas may not be able to supply New England or the Midwest’s energy needs during the next harsh winter. In other words, blackouts could occur, leaving millions without electricity or heat.

Coal is being phased out across the country, thanks to the White House’s war on coal, implemented by EPA nominee Gina McCarthy. A hostile regulatory environment is quickly making it impossible for coal to do business, and thus is eliminating diversity in energy production that can lead to lower prices and guaranteed supply during increased electricity use. This affects anyone who buys electricity.

As they say, it does not have to be like this. Despite the fact that "green energy" receives $16 billion in subsidies (compared to fossil rules who only receive $2.5 billion), wind and solar makes up less than four percent of electricity generation nationwide. Wind and solar cannot provide the energy diversity we need to ensure our families have heat in the winter. We must eliminate energy subsidies and allow industries to innovate and create. Businesses should not be rewarded with taxpayer dollars for knowing how to work the system.

Furthermore, we must put an end to President Obama and EPA nominee Gina McCarthy's War on Coal, which is causing electricity plants to over rely on natural gas. Natural gas is cheap, and we don't need regulations to ensure we use more clean natural gas and less coal. The markets are already doing it themselves.