You may have heard that women suffer from pay discrimination and only "earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns" for the same work.  

Well, today the White House, liberals in Congress and feminists groups celebrate "Equal Pay Day," a pseudo holiday based on the idea that women are systematically paid less than their male counterparts. These claims not only disserve women by promoting the false idea that the workplace is inherently sexist but they are used to insist the need for government intervention to "solve" the problem.  

But these numbers don't tell the full story. The Independent Women's Forum is out with a three-minute video to set the record straight about the statistical differences between men and women's earnings. When you consider and compare variables such as educational and career choices, number of hours worked, and amount of time taken out of the workforce, the gap shrinks considerably and women nearly the same amount as men. 

It's not about equal pay, but about equal opportunity. And today, women and girls have more choices and opportunity than ever before.

We must acknowledge that the personal choices we make, not systematic sexism, are the primary factors in determining our earning potential.