WH Budget Embraces Deficit Spending and a Government-Direct Economy

Women hoping for more job opportunities and a growing private sector should be disappointed by this plan.

 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, President Obama released his FY2014 spending plan that will increase the federal debt by 30 percent over the next decade.

Independent Women's Forum policy analyst Emily Wismer released the following statement:  

"President Obama’s budget raises taxes on job creators, borrows an additional $5 trillion, and would increase federal spending by 20 percent over the next 5 years, while failing to enact consequential reform to entitlement programs. 

"Furthermore, this budget continues the President’s “friends with benefits” relationship with wind and solar companies, which promises to raise electricity costs for all Americans, while leaving affordable, reliable energy companies to struggle to get permits to drill on public lands. A slight shift in President Obama’s energy policy—to stop subsidizing inefficient energy sources and reducing barriers to exploration–could boost the economy by $127 billion per year for the next seven years and $450 billion per year in the years following. This would increase federal revenue, without raising taxes on job creators.

"The President doubles down on government directed spending—from more spending on “shovel ready” infrastructure projects to more subsidies for childcare programs.  Yet Americans know that what we need are policies that will create real economic growth.  That requires more than just government showering selected industries and entities with government favors.  It requires a transparent system, less government red tape, and a lower, less burdensome tax code.  Sadly, the President new budget fails on all of those measures.  The President needs to go back to the drawing board and present a plan that truly reduces our deficit and helps American businesses put people back to work."


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