On April 11, California regulators placed the chemical Bisphenol A on its list of “toxic” substances under its Proposition 65 law.  BPA has been used safely for more than 60 years to make hard, clear plastics and resins that line metal food containers to prevent development of dangerous pathogens.  Dr. Gilbert Ross explains in an American Council on Science and Health video (posted below) that every serious scientific review around the world as found BPA risks to be negligible.  Fortunately, a court review of the listing at the request of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) agreed with Dr. Ross and his ACHS colleagues.  April 19, the court reversed the  listing (issuing an injunction until after ACC’s legal case on the topic is resolved).  The court opinion notes:  “ACC has a reasonable probability of prevailing on the merits.”

Indeed it does.  But unfortunately, regulators and environmental activists will continue demonizing this chemical even though it is necessary to keep food safe.  For more information on BPA science and policy see my study on the topic and links to IWF articles and others on SafeChemicalPolicy.org.