Forget charades. AEI’s Christina Hoff Sommers has come up with the ultimate parlor game.

It’s called “Feminist  Shenanigans or Satire?”  It consists of five stories—you decide which are genuine and which are parodies of feminist thought.

Here is my favorite:  

Feminist article deploring the valorization of “male mascots” such as Tony the Tiger and Captain Crunch on children’s cereal boxes:

The cereal aisle is one big, festering example of a seemingly innocuous strain of gender inequality . . . It’s an easy boy’s club to ignore because it seems so goofy and insignificant. …Breakfast cereal mascots carry a kind of cultural authority, just the same as athletes, pop singers, or Saturday morning cartoon characters. ..The trouble with a boys’ club of cereal pitchmen is that they accustom kids to only ever seeing men in positions of authority. Maybe that authority doesn’t carry a lot of weight … but it contributes to creating an adult world where men are seen as the only true authority figures.

Go to Christina’s article to find out if this is true or false.