The jobless rate is ticking down but with 12 million Americans still out of work jobs benefits are still very high. There is a new push to ban unemployment benefits for employees who have lost their jobs due to misconduct or for missing too many days of work. Will this be difficult to execute? Sabrina Schaeffer joins host David Asman on Forbes on Fox with Steve Forbes, John Tamny, Rick Ungar, Mike Ozanian and Rich Karlgaard.


This week the FDA approves over-the-counter sales for Plan B for minors age 15 and up. Should the government be in the business of deciding who can buy a product? What are the unintended consequences for America's minors? Sabrina Schaeffer weighs in on Fox News Channel's Forbes on Fox and on the plunge of homeownership. Hitting a 17-year low, is the homeownership rate slip a good thing?