The Congress that passed ObamaCare didn’t come up with some brilliant, new way to provide health insurance to everybody. They simply designated a certain group and said that the burden of paying would be put on their shoulders.   

Indeed Obama health care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel has admitted in the Wall Street Journal that ObamaCare depends on persuading healthy young men—“the young invincibles”—to purchase insurance policies they are unlikely to actually need.

Not surprisingly, many young men are reluctant. Plus the policies they would have to pay for are for more expensive that they formerly would have been because of government-mandated medical services that must be included. Carrie Lukas explained why Emanuel’s plan to shift the burden to the healthy young might  not work.

But today we heard from an angry “Young Invincible” in the Daily Caller.

Yates Walker writes about himself as a member of “a class of the peasantry to which Doctor Emanuel has assigned me.” These are the men aged 35 and younger who don’t think they need health insurance and likely won’t be persuaded to buy it. Walker writes:

In a refreshingly honest appraisal, Emanuel admits that Obamacare will virtually self-destruct if my demographic doesn’t come to its senses. The program depends on the full participation of the American citizenry. Every testosterone-soaked Young Invincible who doesn’t sign up for Obamacare will cause prices to increase. The increased prices will drive other citizens away. In the end, Obamacare will serve only the very poor (who pay subsidized rates), the very sick (who are expensive to care for) and the very old.

But Walker seems disinclined to bail out ObamaCare.

So what is Emanuel’s solution?

Oh, it’s simple: Just change the national zeitgeist. He wants everyone to feel a collective responsibility to own health insurance. Through a pan-media, 50-state advertising offensive, Emanuel wants to create a new social norm.

It’s a little hard to imagine. How do you market to a customer who doesn’t want or need your product? I’m assuming that shame or guilt or ostracization would be the punishment for failing to adhere. Try to write a peppy jingle for that 30-second spot.

Ignore how nauseating and incessant that advertising would be. Ignore the lunacy of thinking that adding a new federal bureaucracy would reduce the cost of something. Ignore the idiocy of believing that a society as guilt- and judgment-free as ours could be shamed into anything. Focus on Ezekiel Emanuel’s stunningly honest admission: Obamacare will collapse if this doesn’t work.

House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor has scheduled yet another vote in the House on the repeal of ObamaCare next week. Cantor has tweeted:

It just keeps getting worse. I am scheduling a vote for next week on the full repeal of #Obamacare.

Repeal would of course be stopped in the Democrat-controlled Senate. But it will be interesting to see if a significant number of Democrats will be willing to abandon what is rapidly becoming an albatross.