Watch out, Michelle Obama! Those kids have cameras now.

The Daily Mail reports:

A budding young movie-maker who secretly film[ed] the unappetizing meals being served up at his elementary school has seen his results become an award-winning documentary. New York City public school student Zachary Maxwell, now 11, started filming his school lunches in the fall of 2011 because of a dispute with his parents about whether or not he should be allowed to take lunch to school. While his parents wanted him to eat the school’s lunches, which sounded appetizing on the school’s menu, Zachary wanted to prove that the menus weren't accurate.

While I'm not quite sure why Zach's parents wanted him to eat school lunch (maybe they don't like Zach very much), it looks like his movie-making adventure got him what he wanted–he takes his lunch today.

As you would expect, people will use Zachary's movie and it's rather unappetizing content as an excuse to call for increased funding for the school lunch program. They'll say "See? School lunches are still bad! We need more funding to bring in good, fresh, local food!" 

Oy! Didn't we just do that? Oh yeah, we did…way back in 2010, thanks to the First Lady who helped push through billions of tax dollars in new spending on the school lunch program. And just look at the improvements!

Of course, New York City government officials have already demonstrated how they've completely missed the point of Zachary's film.  Zach has already been tapped to serve as an adviser to the New York City Department of Education’s Office of School Food (someone please point out to these knuckleheads that Zachary wants to put them out a job!).

Let me suggest another idea. Let's do what this 11-year old kid suggests, let's encourage parents to start sending their kids to school with a brown bag.