Radical environmental activist groups are determined to take popular items off store shelves and limit consumer choice.

The "Mind the Store" campaign is the latest initiative to pressure the nation’s largest retailers to remove products from store shelves that contain, in any amount, any of the 100 chemicals the campaign considers "hazardous". The environmental organization behind "Mind the Store" claims these chemicals are linked to a variety of frightening health problems like hormone disruption, cancer, and birth defects despite the overwhelming body of scientific evidence to the contrary.

If retailers bow to this pressure, consumers will face higher prices and difficulty finding their favorite products. Worst of all, consumers could actually be put at risk, as chemicals make products safer. The “Mind the Store” campaign capitalizes on the natural anxieties parents have for their children’s health by peddling junk science to promote a regulatory agenda.

We need your help! Sign onto this letter and urge these retailers to reject this alarmism and support consumer freedom. By signing this letter, you'll send a message to these radical environmental groups to mind their own business!