It’s not just the Benghazi talking points that have been revised.

As the ObamaCare disaster unfolds, supporters of the massive new system have been forced by reality to edit their talking points. Health blogger Avik Roy pointed out in Forbes magazine that liberal ObamaCare advocates have given up on the line that ObamaCare will rein in the cost of premiums.

Nope, they now admit that the price of health insurance is going to skyrocket. But, they say, this is a Good Thing. More people will have health insurance. The Wall Street Journal makes the same point Roy made today in an editorial:

The Affordable Care Act was sold as a tool to lower health costs. In case you missed it, the claim is right there in the law's title. The new Democratic position is that the entitlement will do the opposite but never mind, which is at least more honest.

But we wonder how long this new candor will last. If the public reacts badly to these higher premiums, the authors of ObamaCare will soon be back to blaming insurance companies and Republicans.

But there is more bad news: CNBC reports that two-thirds of uninsured Americans aren’t sure if they will purchase health care insurance under ObamaCare. Oops, there goes the claim that passage of this legislative behemoth would help the uninsured!

In order to make ObamaCare solvent, healthy young people for whom a catastrophic policy would be appropropriate must be persuaded to buy expensive policies with lots of government add-ons. We’ll wait and see on this. If I were in my twenties, I’d be fearing the C-word—for coercion.

Meanwhile, the Galen Institute lists the 47 awesome new powers that have been added to everybody’s favorite customer service outlet—the IRS—to enforce ObamaCare.

 We are witnessing the crack-up of the liberal dream. It was fifty years in the making, but it’s likely to have been proven the worst mistake in American history by this time next year. Only problem, don’t expect our progressive friends to surrender.

We’ll be getting revised ObamaCare talking points from here on out.