Young and many middle-aged political followers don’t watch television or read newspapers for their news.  Even Human Events, Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper, which the President got first thing in the morning and read cover-to-cover, recently folded its print version and went completely online.  But the diehards who still watch TV are not seeing news. 

The News Hour on public television just had to cover the news everyone was asking about …  the heralded “fortieth anniversary of the Watergate Hearings”; Inside Washington spent the show discussing the differences between and among long-dead Presidents; and elsewhere Chris Matthews was dying to cover the 50th anniversary of one of Kennedy’s "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech, which actually translates into “I am a jelly donut” or to be kind, “I am a pastry.” 

These “news” shows didn’t mention the trio of scandals dominating the White House: IRS overreach, Benghazi under-reach with regard to securing our embassies, with an assist from the Pentagon; and the Justice Departments snooping on the press. When these scandals are mentioned in passing, an Arianna Huffington is sure to chime in—as she did on a Sunday show to Karl Rove—that these scandals call for more and more laws to be passed.

No, Arianna, these are scandals because laws were broken,  not missing.