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An attorney at the Independent Women's Forum says Lori Lerner, the IRS official who would not answer questions before Congress, should be called back before a House Committee and asked some probing questions about the scandal.

After testifying before the House Oversight Committee that she did nothing wrong, Lerner, the IRS tax-exempt organization director, said she would not answer any questions or testify about the subject matter of the committee meeting.

Gayle Trotter is a Washington attorney and senior fellow at the Independent Women's Forum.

According to Trotter, even if Lerner "took five" as criminal lawyers say, she could have been asked more pointed questions by the panel about the agency's treatment of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. 

 "I would have asked her do you realize that before 2010 the time frame for review and approval of IRS tax exempt status was normally three to six months for a 501 (c) (4) organization," says Trotter. "I think that's something she should definitely answer."

 And Trotter says Lerner should be called back to testify even if she pleads the Fifth.

 "In cases like this, even asking the questions themselves is very revealing and it makes the information out there for the public to see what this agency is doing," Trotter tells OneNewsNow. 

 "And the reason that we're concerned about it is because this just gives credence to our view that a huge federal bureaucracy has too much power over our lives," she adds.

 Trotter says that is why Congress should use its constitutional power of the purse to hold these federal agencies accountable to the people.