Fox Business' Elizabeth MacDonald talks to Steve Forbes, Rick Ungar, John Tamny, Morgan Brennan, Bill Baldwin and IWF's Sabrina Schaeffer about the latest on the IRS scandal, a new report showing 2/3 of uninsured Americans will not buy insurance under ObamaCare, and TSA caving to plans to allow knives, bats and golf clubs on flights. 

PART 1 | Leaders of conservative groups speak out at congressional hearing over targeting by the IRS. Thus far no liberal leaning groups have been identified as being targeted. So was the taxman playing politics? 

PART 2 | The health care law, known as ObamaCare, was sold as a universal law that would lower costs and insure the uninsured, but new reports show two-thirds of uninsured Americans may not buy the mandated coverage. Will this cost all of us more?

And the TSA canceling plans to allow small knives, bats, and golf clubs back on plans. Is the TSA efficient and does it really make us more safe? Is this an example that airport security should be privatized?