The folks over at the innocently named "Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families" organization are freaking out again…this time, over your kid's raincoat.  It's important to remember that this is the same group behind the nonsensical "mind the store" campaign which seeks to remove thousands of popular products from store shelves (please sign our petition against the campaign here)

But back to the organization's more recent alarmist shenanigans: this morning, the organization's Facebook page screamed this warning:

"Say what!? New investigation finds hazardous chemicals in children's rain gear"

Really? Are they kidding? Does this actually work? Are the people who follow this group so gullible that they're actually buying this line? More importantly, I'd like know how I can get that job of investigating TOTALLY OBVIOUS THINGS.

“New investigation reveals children shouldn’t eat car parts.”

“New investigation reveals children shouldn’t eat air conditioners”

“New investigation reveals children shouldn’t eat Madonna’s and Beyoncé’s music video costumes”

I would be so good at that job. I bet it pays well too.

Look folks, raincoats generally are made of vinyl. Yes, indeed, there are chemicals in vinyl, but unless your little tyke is eating his little tractor themed raincoat; unless your daughter first liquefies then injects her Strawberry Shortcake raincoat directly into her bloodstream, the chemicals that are used in the manufacture of these raincoats are not a danger to your little kiddos.  Again, it's not a problem for them to wear a vinyl raincoat so ignore the raincoat alarmists.

After all, that raincoat is supposed to protect them from driving rain. Good, no?