Independent Women’s Forum today released the results of a national online survey of women regarding “alarmism” conducted by the polling company, inc./WomanTrend among N=801 women with a +/– 3.5% margin of error.  The survey found that negative headlines and alarming warnings about food, household items, and health leaves women feeling confused, suspicious, and overwhelmed, and does little to make them adjust their lifestyles.   

The results show women want more information but they have a widespread distrust in the media – the largest purveyors of alarmist warnings. Moreover, women have little faith in warnings provided by the federal government and activist organizations. Rather they rely on friends, family, and doctors for sound health and safety advice.

Vast alarmism naturally leads to increased worry and the poll found that mommy guilt (and non-mommy guilt) is very pervasive, with two-thirds of women saying they sometimes feel badly about not doing enough to promote the health and well-being of their families.

But women aren’t pointing fingers, they are adamant that their poor decisions are a matter of choice, and not access. Women also reject the idea that government action will succeed at encouraging people to live healthier:  In fact twice as many women believe government’s meddling makes no difference or is counter-productive than believe in works.

Women To Alarmists: Knock It Off! by Independent Women's Forum