In case you missed it, check out Charlotte Hays’ article in the National Catholic Register that details the pitfalls of Common Core national standards for American Catholic schools—especially those in states that allow parental choice programs but require participating private schools to administer state—soon to be nationalized—standards tests.

The University of Arkansas’ Sandra Stotsky, who helped design Massachusetts' acclaimed state standards, is an outspoken critic who has said Common Core will result in a “devastating impact on literary study and analytical thinking.” As Hayes put it, “in other words, just the opposite of what Catholic parents and educators may be hoping.”

Proponents of Common Core nationalized standards often note that many states’ academic standards are too low and something had to be done. Fine. Work with you state lawmakers to raise them if that’s the case. The last thing we should be doing is moving education ever farther away from parents by handing it over to DC pols and special interests. This is true no matter what type of school parents choose for their children.