We are coming up on the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that Congress can compel people to buy insurance using its broad taxing authority.  That was a watershed decision, and one that meant that for better and worse—mostly worse—our nation would be faced with the implementing the train-wreck new ObamaCare health regime.

Yet Americans should be aware that legal challenges continue to aspects of the new health care law and for good reason:  The law creates massive new government meddling in American lives, as well as in the activities of business, so it’s no surprise that some Americans would fight back.

To learn more about and keep track of those ongoing challenges, IWF has a tremendous resource, www.HealthCareLawsuits.org, which is managed by IWF's Hadley Heath.  Take a look and let your friends now that far from over, the fight to restore government to its proper limits and reign in the worst aspects of the health care law is ongoing.