Last year Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis called basic accountability and fiscal responsibility tyranny. At the time the Chicago Public Schools district was $665 million in the hole, but the CTU wanted to spend more. Ms. Lewis is at it again, blaming the district’s woes on racism and ‘rich white people.’ As reported:

The ever-classy Lewis then fanned the flames of racism by accusing ‘venture capitalists’ of using ‘little black and brown children as stage props at one press conference while announcing they want to fire, layoff or lock up their parents at another press conference,’ reports the Chicago Tribune.

But the union boss didn’t use her speech just to identify CPS’ problems; she also offered solutions. Of course, Lewis’ solutions were all of the Big Labor variety. She called for a new financial transfer tax, a commuter tax and possibly even higher property taxes, reports …

Some audience members must have been wondering if they were listening to the same union leader who, last September, led a teachers’ strike that forced the nearly bankrupt school district into doling out roughly $220 million in pay raises.

In a nutshell, Ms. Lewis thinks labor unions should make budget decisions. As for the rest of us, we’re supposed to pay up and shut up.

This is why we need events like National Employee Freedom Week, which kicked off June 23.