If it’s hot where you live right now, don’t blame summer. It’s global warming—or climate change. Here’s just one shocking extreme weather statistic unveiled by President Obama in his action plan to save us: One-third of Americans experienced 100 degree temperatures for ten or more days.

The close to one-third of us Americans who live in the Southwest are no doubt shocked.

But don’t fear: Obama has solutions.

In spite of tough politics, he will urge bi-partisanship—that is, he’ll sidestep Congress and use his authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate gas emissions.

The president realizes that solar, wind, and other “green” energies won’t be up and running right away. That’s why we need the Keystone Pipeline—but only if it meets specified environmental standards. Environmentalists who wanted the plan killed outright must be tickled pink—I mean, green.

A third element of the president’s plan is, well, us. Our schools, hospitals, and homes account for one-third of all greenhouse gases, so we’ll be treated to more costly regulations about what type of appliances, light bulbs, and windows we are allowed to purchase or subsidize.

But’ that’s okay, all those green jobs will employ people and cut our electricity costs, the president assures us.

Where I live the temperature has cooled down to 103 degrees. Perhaps that’s correlated to the fact that the Washington politicians have put the mics down and turned in for the evening. Maybe the EPA should do a peer reviewed study to find out.