(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, President Obama announced a slew of regulations and directives on electricity plants, consumer appliances, and energy development on public lands. Independent Women's Forum policy analyst Emily Wismer released the following statement:

"President Obama knows that Americans cannot afford to pay more for energy, which is why he has bypassed Congress to force strict regulations on power plants.  The effects will be catastrophic, giving a competitive advantage to unsustainable, unreliable energy sources, while making it much harder for traditional, affordable energy producers to do business.

"As our household’s primary bill payers, women understand that the price of energy impacts everything from the ability of small businesses and manufactures to hire new employees to the price we pay for a gallon of milk.

"We understand that the President’s policies will burden the economy and manufacturers with rising energy costs, making it even harder for companies to add jobs in this time of intractable unemployment. Instead of giving an unfair competitive advantage to his friends and campaign contributors, the President should eliminate both traditional and green energy subsidies to create a level playing field and encourage real competition and innovation in the energy sector.  This would be the best path to ensuring all Americans have affordable, reliable energy and giving the economy a much needed boost.  Sadly, the President decided to go in the other direction.  


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