We are a nation of laws, not of men.

Get me rewrite!

Courtesy of the NRO staff, here is what George Will said yesterday about the Obama administration’s decision to unilaterally change the ObamaCare law when it became clear that, as written, the law is unworkable:

“They’re changing the law. We have a Treasury secretary, we have three deputy Treasury secretaries, underneath whom there are twelve assistant secretaries. Late Tuesday afternoon they sent out one of the twelve. Didn’t send him out, he did a Web posting. It said by the way, the law passed by Congress that makes no provision for waiving this, shall be waived. Here’s the problem. In addition to the fact that Obamacare is a hideously complicated, Rube Goldberg contraption, beyond that, it puts in place perverse incentives. The employer mandate says if you have 50 or more full-time employees — and until Congress changes this, which it will, it defines full-time employees as 30 hours a week — you have to pay a substantial sum for each of their health care. Now, the employers, not being dummies, have said, well, let’s have fewer employers and make many of the employees we have part-time employees. What Obamacare requires for it to work is mass irrationality, both on the part of employers to ignore that incentive and on the part of young people who are supposed to pay three, four, five times more for health insurance than it would cost them to just pay the fine and ignore it. . . . Young people are not going to sign up if they can do elementary arithmetic, which they can.”