The Republican National Committee has told NBC and CNN that if the two networks go ahead with planned Hillary Clinton movies neither network will be able to partner with Republicans for 2016 presidential debates.

Some conservatives love this. I don’t. The RNC has no right to interfere with network programming. On the matter of partnering with these two networks for presidential debates, however, I can only say: What took you so long?

The RNC certainly didn’t need the forthcoming Hillary movies to alert them that these networks are not their friends. Biased moderator Candy Crowley of CNN threw President Obama a lifeline and made Mitt Romney appear foolish in the debate she hosted.  I agree with Allahpundit:

Is Candy Crowley suddenly a legit moderator again if “Hillary! The Movie” suspends production?

The RNC should have begun exploring ways to change the presidential debate format, most especially removing moderators who hate their guts, long ago.

But–oh no–they'd prefer to pitch a hissy fit over a Hillary Clinton movie.

The RNC’s absurdly named “Growth and Opportunity Project,” a report on Mitt Romney’s 2012 loss, inadequately addressed the problem of the hostile host. I seem to recall that the report recommended such things as being better prepared to go on, say, The Daily Show. In other words: study hard and wear your Sunday best as you prepare to be eaten alive by Jon Stewart.

The report never addressed the more important question of the moderator or panelists who are rooting for the Democratic candidate.

Even if the Hillary movies are cancelled (and they won't be), this problem will persist. This is what the GOP needs to be thinking about instead of peevish and amateur moves that only serve to build up Mrs. Clinton. Still, we can hope that CNN and NBC stick to their guns and go ahead with the Hillary movies. And we could pray that ABC and CBS follow suit and do their own Hillary hagiographies.

That may be the only way the RNC avoids having partisan hacks from these networks moderate the 2016 presidential debates.