It’s really a yawner of a news story:  Yet another aspect of ObamaCare has to be postponed because the Administration that foisted the massive law on the American people can’t manage to implement its many provisions properly. 

As Reuters reports, HHS has admitted that it wouldn’t be able to sign agreement with insurance companies that are supposed to sell insurance in the federal exchanges starting Oct. 1.  They estimate that instead agreements will wait until mid-month.  Yes, that’s a mere two weeks or so before the federal exchange is supposed to open.

It’s time for a reality check.  Supporters of ObamaCare surely have to recognize that implementing this massive law piecemeal—in a rush, at the very last minute, with some aspects delayed, others implemented, maybe, but maybe not—isn’t a good way to operate.

That’s why IWF’s sister organization, Independent Women’s Voice, has launched a petition calling for a one year delay of the law.  Even if you don’t support full repeal of ObamaCare, you should want our health care system to operate smoothly and the law to be implemented properly, in a manner that will do the least damage to the economy and to health care practitioners.  America deserves an ObamaCare Timeout.