The State Department recently announced another green jobs grant opportunity. This one’s through its Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES), Office of Environmental Quality and Transboundary Issues (EQT)—yes, this office really exists. Here’s the synopsis:

…the Department of State announces the Request for Applications (RFA) for a new cooperative agreement: Green Jobs in Morocco … the purpose of this RFA is to support a green economy through the expansion of green jobs. …Proposals should consider the level of awareness among stakeholders, government engagement, and effectiveness of previous green economic growth projects in Morocco and region.

Forget Morocco. How successful have green jobs been here at home? Two words: Not very. Even Bureau of Labor Statistics officials can’t say for sure what the heck a green job is.

If the feds want to export their dubious economic development ideas abroad, go right ahead. But I, for one, oppose the outsourcing of my hard-earned income to Washington—much less Morocco.

I wish the people of Morocco every success with their ambitious goal to be one of the world’s largest sustainable economies. But with a reported $17 trillion debt, we’re hardly a model of “green” sustainability ourselves right now.