The biggest game in Washington right now isn’t over funding the government so much as who is to be blamed for a government shutdown.

The President and his allies are working to paint Republicans as entirely unreasonable.  Yet the latest offer from the GOP sure doesn’t seem out of bounds. 

Consider just a few ways that the law has been changed without Congressional approval so far:  The Administration has chosen to delay the implementation of major provisions such as the employer mandate; its granting waivers to friends in a seemingly arbitrary process; its changed how Congressional staff are treated under the law, and announcing that they won’t be able to verify income eligibility for subsidies.   One doesn’t have to be a Right wing zealot to believe that the system would be better off if there was a one-year delay in implementation. 

The media seems ready to buy the Administration’s line that Congressional Republicans are being unreasonable.  Yet most Americans would agree that a Timeout on ObamaCare is common sense.