It bears repeating:  flame retardant chemicals make life safer. Yet more often than not, news stories say we should fear these chemicals—ignoring the fact that these products have safely reduced fire risks for decades. This is why firefighters suggest judicious use of flame-retardant materials from treated furniture to clothing.  So rather than fall for anti-chemical hype, moms should focus on reducing fire risks. 

The local fire marshal in the town of Orange, Conn., offers some advice for Halloween safety, which is published in a local paper there.  The first recommendation calls for flame retardant costumes:

Halloween should be a fun and happy time for all. Children look forward to dressing up in cool or scary costumes, visiting neighborhood homes for “Trick or Treat” or attending parties, school functions or community events. However, in the excitement of the holiday, one can become less careful and more prone to accidents and injuries. Planning ahead and taking fire safety precautions can help prevent an injury or tragedy.

Some Trick or Treat safety tips for adults and children include purchasing only costumes, wigs or props that are labeled flame resistant or flame retardant. If making a costume, choose material that will not ignite if it comes in contact with heat or flame.