There is significant misinformation and confusion about genetically modified foods (or GMOs), which now make up a major part of the American diet. Anti-GMO activists are seeking to combat GMOs by pushing for labeling mandates on the state and federal levels. These mandates are being promoted as pro-consumer but their effect will be the opposite by creating greater misinformation. Join us as we examine the history and science of GMOs, their current use and benefits, and why GMO labeling is not only unnecessary but would also do a disservice to consumers.

Gregory Conko
Executive Director and Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute 

L. Val Giddings, Ph.D. 
Senior Fellow, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation 

Julie Gunlock 
Director, Culture of Alarmism Project, Independent Women’s Forum

Daren Bakst
Research Fellow in Agricultural Policy

Host: The Heritage Foundation

Date: Tuesday, Oct 08, 2013
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Venue: Lehrman Auditorium at Heritage Foundcation

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