Who can forget “Julia,” the fictional woman in the Obama campaign “Life of Julia” infomercial that (approvingly!) depicted cradle to grave government dependency?

Well, what’s up with Julia now? Just to give you a laugh going into the weekend, Thomas Thurlow of the delightfully named Napa Whine Country blog has checked in with Julia.

Is she still on the dole? Read on:

At 3 years old, Julia tries to go to Head Start, which is closed because of the government shut-down.  Julia’s mother has to care for Julia during the day, so Julia’s mother loses her job.  President Obama told us that he supported Head Start, and that if Mitt Romney were elected, Head Start would close.  Oh well.  At least Julia’s mother was able to get unemployment, some welfare benefits and an Obamaphone.

In her teens, Julia takes the SAT and begins applying to colleges.  Julia’s high school was part of the “Race To The Top” program, implemented by President Obama.  She then qualifies for a Pell Grant and enters college to pursue a Flatulence Studies degree.  In a coming of age weekend, Julia has an unplanned pregnancy but terminates the pregnancy, paid in full by Obamacare.  Mitt Romney would have defunded all these options to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

In four years, Julia accumulates $105,000 in student loans.  After graduation, she is shocked to learn that she must either work for the government to go back to college to defer her loan payments.

Out of boredom and needing a little companionship, Julia goes to a nearby clinic to get a free Obamacare pap smear. …

Keep reading. It’s very funny, though in a dark sort of way.