by Chris Woodward 

A health policy analyst is now among the many Americans being told they're losing their health insurance plan – even though President Obama said they’d be able to keep it if they wished.

Hadley Heath of the Independent Women's Forum says she buys her own health insurance, but the company just recently sent her a letter that is several pages in length.

"I'll read you just a couple of sentences from it: Since your current benefit plan does not conform to these new federally mandated Essential Health Benefits, your current plan will cease … and in accordance with the ACA – that's the Affordable Care Act – you'll be required to select a new ACA-compliant plan in order to continue your coverage."

Heath says she wasn’t surprised to receive the letter, based on what she's seeing in the healthcare law as well as the reports of other Americans receiving similar letters. However, she says it may come as a surprise to some Americans receiving such letters, based on previous comments from President Obama that 'If you like your health plan, you can keep it.'

"I live in Washington, DC, which is a place that because of our local laws is basically forbidding the sale or purchase of health insurance outside of the exchange,” Heath explains. “My letter lets me know that. It gives me several options. They describe how I can go to the exchange and sign up for coverage there."

Even with any subsidies that she may be eligible for, Heath says that someone is paying for the subsidies – not to mention, she and other consumers may have to buy coverage for things they're not interested in buying.

Hadley Heath on Fox News discussing her cancellation letter