Headline of the Day:

Women Are Losing Their Jobs—Not Their Birth Control


While Republican Ken Cuccinelli may end up being the latest victim of the Democratic “war on women” rhetoric, the latest unemployment numbers show that women have more to worry about than whether they can get free birth control.

My colleague Patrice Lee has done an outstanding job of breaking down the latest unemployment numbers, which show that women are dropping out of the job market at an alarming rate. But I want to say just a few more words about women, unemployment, and the so-called “war on women.”

Ricochet’s D. C. McAllister nails it:

In a post on Monday, I wrote that the GOP desperately needs to do something about the “war on women” narrative and its impact on elections, such as the gubernatorial race in Virginia between Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

One suggestion is to cut through all the rhetoric about abortion and birth control pills and shout from the rooftops that women are losing jobs because of the Democrats.

Women who need to support their families, feed their children, and send their kids to college can’t do so because Democratic policies are shrinking the job force. Last month, 154,000 fewer women held jobs than in August. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, female participation in the labor force is at a 24-year low!

Politics are by nature rough and tumble. Still, however, the McAuliffe campaign’s distortions of Cuccinelli and his positions are nothing short of disgusting. One McAuliffe ad features birth control pills and the message that Cuccinelli would prevent women from obtaining birth control. It isn’t true.

Cuccinelli did support a “personhood” bill that would have defined conception as the moment a human life begins. The McAuliffe campaign would have been quite accurate to say that Cuccinelli is pro-life. But that apparently wasn't quite sinister enough. Following the national Democratic playbook, the McAuliffe campaign took the battle to the phony issue of contraception. 

If you read the personhood bill, you’ll note that it has nothing to say about contraception. It would likely rule out abortifacients, but it simply wouldn't have an effect on ths use of birth control. 

Once again, female voters are being asked to vote on a fake issue—contraception—and ignore the failure of Democratic economic policies.

Women were essential to President Obama’s re-election. The votes of women may also prove decisive if McAuliffe, politically a run of the mill Democrat, whose policies won't be that different from President Obama's, wins in Virginia.

Taking note of the number of women who are unable to find work, Power Line observes:

It is almost eerie how Obama’s policies are most devastating to his most loyal supporters–who, for the most part, are remaining loyal despite the havoc that the Obama administration has wreaked on their lives.