Millions of Americans are having their health insurance plan canceled under Obamacare—Has yours?

So far, some politicians refuse to the see damage being done across the nation. But you can see for yourself at the new website,

We know that ObamaCare is causing this happen to people all across America — your family, your friends, your co-workers, your employees.  Maybe even you.

Washington needs to see what is happening.  So, we’re asking you to add your letter.

Take a picture of yourself with your cancellation letter and send it to us at [email protected].  (Don't worry — all of your private information will be redacted and protected!)

The claim that that Obamacare would let us keep existing plans if we liked them was false.  It’s time to tell the truth.  Let Washington see the faces of all the people who are paying the price.

Below is a taste of what you'll find on Hundreds of cancellation letters have been submitted and 3.5 million have been sent out.