ObamaCare is on a war-path, nuking the healthcare coverage of millions of Americans. We’ve reported about the millions of cancellations that have either occurred or will occur and you can read some of the letters here.

The latest victims are community college students –many of whom are low-income kids- in New Jersey. Apparently, their low-cost, “bare bones” plans are not Affordable Care Act– approved and are no longer lawful. Schools were forced to cancel the plans or pay thousands per student.

Campus Reform reports further:

Students at community colleges throughout New Jersey have found themselves in Health Insurance in limbo after administrators cancelled low-cost "bare bones" policies that became unlawful under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

While many have attempted to replace their previous low cost plans by signing up in the health care exchanges on Heatlhcare.gov, the site's now infamous dysfunction means most have not succeeded…

Administrators like Union County Community College Vice President of Administrative Services, Stephen Nacco, suggest they were forced to cancel the low cost programs, or pay thousands of dollars more per student, a price they could not afford.

“More than a thousand dollars per student and that is dramatically different.”

Now, the students are out in the cold, left to fend for themselves and find plans on healthcare.gov.  As we all know this process has been a challenge. CBS New York reported just how challenging some students have found it:

Alex McTaggert is majoring in Computer Science but even he is having trouble signing up for health insurance on the Federal website.

“It said, ‘info you entered is not valid’ so I have to call this number,” McTaggart said.

For Carolina Mendonca it was easier to put together a creative Halloween costume than it was to call the number on the website.

“I got no answer so I left it for another day and the other day never came and I went to the dentist yesterday and I have to pay $2,000 out-of-pocket,” she said.

New Jersey’s situation is unique because it recently repealed a law that required students to show proof of health insurance if they didn’t want to buy the school’s plans. That’s a win for freedom and personal choice. However, for students who just want basic insurance coverage, this is a blow to their options.

Remember, the Administration needs these young people to buy into the federal healthcare exchanges so they can help pay for older Americans who will receive benefits and subsidies. We will likely see more stories at colleges and universities across the country like this.

We’ve focused extensively on the failure of the healthcare.gov website rollout, but the biggest failure is the president’s signature legislation itself. The technical “glitches” represent the puss oozing from the wound that is ObamaCare. Even when you stop the symptoms, the wound remains and will continue to cause pain.

President Obama has broken a big promise to all Americans, but now community college students are leaning just what that means for them. May this be a wake-up call for the younger generations.