A Washington Post story on Senator David Vitter is today’s Exhibit A of press bias. Here’s the headline:

Vitter’s Quest to Embarrass Congress

What is Vitter doing to embarrass Congress? Well, he’s asking members of Congress and their staffs to live under the same laws it passes for the rest of us. Yeah, bummer.  

Specifically, Senator Vitter, as you may recall, has proposed legislation to prevent members of Congress and their staffs from receiving special, taxpayer-funded subsidies to help them defray the higher cost of ObamaCare premiums. Such generous subsidies will not be available to others in their income bracket.   

Here is how Washington Post reporter David A. Fahrenthold describes Vitter’s “lonely quest:”

On Wednesday, in a speech on a near-empty Senate floor, Vitter (R-La.) returned to a lonely quest that has obsessed him since September. He is unhappy — very unhappy — with the health insurance plans available to Congress’s staff.

The problem, Vitter says, is that those plans are too good.

Well, not exactly. What Vitter is saying is that members and their staffs shouldn't get special privileges. What Mr. Fahrenthold is actually favoring in his extremely biased story is privilege.

While Congress is loath to relinquish its own privileges, it does seem to be grasping the ugly truth that many lesser citizens don’t want to live under ObamaCare any more than they do.

Congress might be tempted to ignore these lesser citizens, except that–dammitt–they vote.

A House bill to allow regular consumers a crack at getting back those insurance policies that fell victim to ObamaCare just passed the House 261to 157. Thirty-nine Democrats broke ranks to support it.  

The Democrats are incredibly disciplined and the 39 defections show that the façade of support for the president’s signature law is cracking. I'll bet that, if members and their staffs had to live under it without special subsidies, the law would be gone sooner rather than later. Still, the prognosis for ObamaCare gets worse every day.

If you have to live under ObamaCare, you won't want to keep it.

That, in a nutshell, is why President Obama personally negotiated the congressional exemption that Senator Vitter seeks to end.