The Left has yet to come to grips with how to handle the fallout from the ObamaCare disaster, which has exposed not just the inherent problems with having government attempt to take control of our health care system, but the truths that liberals have worked so hard to hide.

Recently, on the reliably liberal PBS show, the News Hour, hosted by two clear stalwarts of the Left, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, a well-spoken attorney voiced her disappointment with having to pay $5,000 per year extra to pay for her health care after ObamaCare regulations forced her insurance company to drop her. In her fifties, she lamented that her insurance now included pregnancy care. In the next breath, she said she voted for Obama twice, believes in everyone being covered, and claims “no one told me” health care would be more expensive.

How is it possible that this apparently educated woman could have been shocked by this? Just how many attorneys believed that people like them would somehow avoid being charged more to pay for the uninsured and the unhealthy? Did she really believe that 23 taxes inherent in something called “The Affordable Care Act” were not designed for her income bracket? That she would not be affected to pay for others? If not her, who exactly was going to pay?

But the unreality of the liberal complaint goes much further than missing the existence of taxes and increased costs to achieve “fairness.” My Congressman, Steny Hoyer in the Democratic Leadership, joined Democratic Senators up for re-election to call for legislation that somehow would force insurers to reinstate cancelled individual policies. Sure, that would stop the short-term pain, but these Obama-called “substandard policies” (read, “you are too stupid to buy what is good for you”) were by design supposed to be short-lived after the bill was enacted. Killing the private sector and forcing everyone to pay for over-priced, full-service plans is necessary to make the rest of ObamaCare work.

Stopping the complaints today would only further distort the unequal distribution of government’s health care Ponzi Scheme, or, to use liberal terms, the “unfairness.” To be “fair,” ObamaCare had to skyrocket the costs of insurance for healthy members of the middle class, to pay for the “free” or “subsidized” health care of the uninsured.

To ignore the simple and irrefutable evidence that someone has to pay somewhere sometime is surreal, but the most ridiculous part of the lawyer’s statement is that “no one told me.” The God of Truth, our President Obama, didn’t fess up — it’s true. But many others did, such as the Tea Party, which was vilified for complaining. The Tea Party within the GOP was strong enough to make a last-ditch effort, widely and conclusively called lame-brained, stupid, suicidal and all the rest – to stop the travesty of foisting ObamaCare on us all.

Those of us who empathize with Senator Ted Cruz and the brave souls in the House who shut down the government to stop ObamaCare and arrest the damage it would do to our health care system have actually been vindicated, not only with the numbers of people voluntarily signing up, but with the rollout of a defunct web site and the millions of cancelled private insurance policies, to say nothing of the vastly under-reported incidents of identity theft resulting from the shoddy government website.

The Tea Party knew there would be a time when we could say “told you so,” but even the most optimistic Tea Party did not expect that the time would be counted in days. We knew the shutdown would be forgotten, for who remembers the 26 days of shutdown under Clinton? Certainly not the people who believed Obama, when he said such a thing has never happened before.

So maybe we can forgive this attorney for not remembering that the Tea Party went to great lengths to warn America what ObamaCare really was. I am sorry she is in her 50s and has to pay for pregnancy insurance, but so do I, and she’s the one who voted for Obama – twice.