The silence is deafening.

Are you going to let the so-called  “War on Women” continue to wage on?

Conservatives make the case for their policies—usually with a focus on economic impacts, which alone aren’t persuasive to women—and seem to say “Take it or leave it, ladies.”

Decades of this strategy has taken a toll, and too many women now approach policy issues with a liberal mindset. 

In 2012, there was an 11-point gender gap in the vote. Too few women understand the importance of liberty.

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) can reverse this.  We strive to both speak to women about key policy issues in language that they understand, and speak about women in order to educate policymakers, aides, community leaders, and other elites about how policy issues uniquely impact women and families so they can better communicate with critical audiences.  

Give $11 TODAY to take a stand against the so-called "War on Women" lie.

You can help us reach our goal of raising $11,000 by the end of the year so we can create our "I am Woman" video and help CHANGE the conversation.

Progressives have reduced women to a one-dimensional character — IWF knows this is not true.

I am Woman. I am conservative. I am libertarian. I am more than my gender. I am not a ward of the state.

Can you help us with this special year-end project?

Conservative’s fumbling defense — or more-often unwillingness to mount a defense at all — on the so-called "War on Women" is an urgent problem that IWF needs your help to address.

This silence allows the Left to define women’s issues and gives a pass to candidates, organizations, and policies with extremist views that seek to ever expand government in the name of “protecting women.”

IWF has had enough.  Haven’t you as well?

IWF exists to offer a poised, articulate, and rational counterpoint to the strident voices on the Left who use women to expand the scope and power of government.

Like you, IWF believes that free markets, limited government, and personal responsibility are the core principles that have made this country so great.  

Like you, IWF understands that men and women’s interests aren’t in conflict. Men aren’t the enemy – they are critical partners for women, and women benefit when men and women alike have the opportunity to flourish.

Like you, IWF knows that the real key to women’s progress and security isn’t a bigger and bigger government safety net.  Far from it. It’s a flourishing civil society and a growing economy that are the source of real security, opportunity, and fulfillment for everyone.  

Your support is crucial to our mission to expand the conservative coalition by increasing the number of women and independents who understand and value these patriotic principles.