by Chris Woodward   

A news article aims to show the "sneaky" things that may increase obesity. But one commentator suggests people may be better off exercising a little common sense. 

The article is from "upwave," part of the Turner Broadcasting family. Among the eight "sneaky" things that may feed obesity is air pollution, altitude and antibiotics.

Julie Gunlock with Culture of Alarmism, a project of the Independent Women's Forum, jokes that she's "thrilled" at the items on upwave's "sneaky" list.

"Because if you are able to pin it on things that are not your behavior, then you can just sit there and say, 'Hey, I don't have to be responsible for my own actions. I don't have to get off the couch and exercise and eat moderately."

Instead, obesity can be blamed on "particles in the air," not on people's behaviors.

Speaking of behaviors, upwave suggests that "car dependence" may be causing obesity. Why? Because driving is sedentary behavior and the more sedentary you are, the greater your obesity risk.

Upwave recommends people walk if their destination or job is five blocks away or closer. If it's longer, upwave says "you can walk partway to work, too."

"Certainly I wouldn't redesign your entire commute," says Gunlock, advising instead that people use common sense and "don't go overboard."

BPA, an industrial chemical that has been used in various consumer goods for several decades, is also mentioned by upwave as something else that cause obesity.

Gunlock also disputes that, saying there is nothing wrong with BPA. It is one of the most studied products out there today, she says.