by Chris Woodward  

A commentator is sharing her thoughts on the “year in alarmism.”

Julie Gunlock with the Independent Women's Forum and Culture of Alarmism says that to narrow it down to one or two incidents of alarmism is very hard, but one of her favorites this year was the reported decision by the U.S. Postal Service to destroy the new 'Just Move' stamp series due to concerns that some of the exercise activities could be dangerous. 

USPS Corporate Communications tells OneNewsNow that it has not made a decision at this time. Either way, Julie Gunlock thinks the issue is a little bit ridiculous.

"Two of the stamps pictured what were considered potentially dangerous activities,” she tells OneNewsNow. “These included doing a cannonball dive into a pool and skateboarding without knee pads."

Gunlock also thinks the alarmism over sequestration should make the list.

"People who objected to the sequester were saying things like, 'The elderly will starve, school children will not receive any meals, the entire country will be defenseless because our warships will sit in the dock without repairs, there won't be mail, there won't be electricity. You name it, there was drama," she says.