Independent Women's Forum Explains Latest Expansion of Exemption Leaves Cancelled Americans In Same Bind

(Washington, D.C.) – In addition to making other unilateral changes, the Obama administration has announced a last-minute change to its federal health care law extending one-year hardship exemption from tax penalties to the millions of Americans who received cancellation notices because their plans didn't meet the requirements specified under the law. Additionally, this temporary option will allow those who have been cancelled to sign up for catastrophic coverage, the plans previously only available to people under 30 or who quality for a "hardship exemption." Independent Women's Forum health policy director Hadley Heath released the following statement:

"This latest expansion of the hardship exemption highlights the Administration's frantic scramble to deal with ObamaCare's failures in the days before 2014. This is what we get when government oversteps its bounds in health care: last minute decisions from the executive branch and desperate attempts to push a flawed system into place.

“The law is filled with exemptions, and this is just another temporary fix that will leave Americans in the same bind fraught with surging premiums, skyrocketing deductibles, and reduced access to doctors after midterm elections.

“This move is an admission that free-market supporters were right all along – catastrophic coverage is all many consumers want or need, and under ObamaCare, it is all that many Americans can afford. 

"No amount of administrative tinkering will solve ObamaCare's many problems. The law's never-ending unintended consequences are the natural result of putting government in the center of health care, a place that belongs to patients, not politicians. ObamaCare's short history is already marked by many 'tweaks,' delays, and exemptions, meaning it will leave our over-regulated health sector even more complex and inefficient than before." 


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Victoria Coley | Director of Communications
Independent Women's Forum |
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