(WASHINGTON D.C.) – In response to President Barack Obama's fifth State of the Union address Independent Women's Forum Executive Director and co-author of Liberty is No War on Women Sabrina Schaeffer issues the following statement:

"President Obama’s State of the Union once again advanced the narrative that women are a victim class in need of greater government protection. Certainly some women face challenges and hardship, but Mr. Obama ignored the very real causes of those difficulties and instead focused on even more big-government solutions.

"While some discrimination does exist, President Obama relies on the 77-cent wage gap statistic which is grossly overstated, even liberal feminist groups like the AAUW admit as much. And he ignores how laws like the Paycheck Fairness Act or the newly proposed FAMILY Act would impact existing leave programs, discourage flexible work arrangements, reduce employment opportunities for women, and have severe consequences to their pocketbooks.

"Whether he was talking about the so-called wage gap, student loan debt, health care, or workplace regulations, the president continues to act as provider-in-chief, discouraging traditional institutions like marriage, community, and civic organizations that can truly help those in need.

"The attention on raising the minimum wage is a perfect example. Americans want low-wage workers to be treated fairly and have the opportunity to earn more; but a higher mandatory minimum wage won’t help workers’ prospects in the long term, and in fact, could backfire on those workers by reducing employment opportunities in the near-term.

"Ultimately, a growing economy free of regulatory burden and a heavy government hand is the real key in helping American workers. A freer economy, not more burdensome mandates on business, is the surest way to replenish job opportunities in our communities.”

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